Better To Speak Truth or Live Truth?

In my last post, I talked a little bit about the merits of criticism and judgment. Reading comments that others have shared and just taking some time to meditate on this over the course of the day, I feel like I have a little more to talk about with this one.

Like I said before, I think that it’s a bit naive to say that there isn’t wrong in the world, in the same way that, feeling ill, it would be naive to say “I don’t have pneumonia” until one is bedridden and debilitated. Sometimes something is genuinely wrong, and it needs to be addressed. I think the crux of the matter of criticism lies in the motive.

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Comedian Steven Crowder Assaulted by Union Protesters


With protests and counter-protests in full swing over Michigan’s recent decision to pass right-to-work legislation, the situation today reached the point of violence. Right-to-work legislation ensures that individuals who choose not to become union members are not forced to pay union dues, a practice which was previously commonplace within unionized organizations. With the passage of Michigan’s right-to-work legislation, unions will now only be able to collect dues from members of the union, assuredly leading to a large decrease in available union funds.

At the protests today in Michigan, the violence began when union protesters destroyed a tent owned by Americans for Prosperity, a group in favor of right-to-work legislation. Here’s a video of that.

Then things got a bit more personal, as more union protesters grabbed and repeatedly assaulted conservative comedian Steven Crowder, who had been interviewing protesters prior to the tent’s destruction. After a terse exchange between the AFP staffers and the union protesters, a fight broke out, resulting in one union protester going after Crowder and repeatedly punching him in the face. After the fight was broken up, Crowder attempted to escape into another tent, at which point he was grabbed by the collar from behind by another union protester and pulled into the crowd, only to be rescued by several AFP staffers. Here’s the video of that.

It’s confirmed that Crowder only recieved minor injuries – a chipped tooth and a small cut on his forehead – but the violence from the union members is disgraceful. There has been no word of violence instigated by pro-RTW protesters, either before or after the incident.