Surface vs. Center

I’m very concerned with appearances. It’s a struggle I’ve had for a while. Honestly, this blog post is not going to be as polished as some of the others I might write, because in my heart I know that appearances are less important than content. This world loves appearances because they’re physical, and physical is a great way to ignore the spiritual. But content is spiritual. Content is the guts to your physical skin. Content is the soul to your physical body. Content is what matters, ultimately – the contents of character and not the color of skin, to roughly paraphrase Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Be In It But Not Of It

In the article I posted last night, Lions, I discussed why we shouldn’t base our sense of security on the condition of our country. I wrote that “those who remember the past are condemned to watch others repeat it,” and compared human government to a car with a known, explosive design flaw. I advised you to place your foundation squarely on God through Jesus Christ, because in Him lies the only stable thing.

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You know lower standards will lower the culture. The Roman Empire was destroyed because of lower standards and moral decay. You know they fed each other to lions for entertainment – humans, when left to their on devices, seem to be hopelessly selfish and bent on their own destruction. It seems that unless a power greater than us captures our hearts, nothing will change that trajectory – wealth, knowledge, success – seems to only feed the beast.”
– Propaganda

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My Favorite Things – Cover by Pomplamoose

Sound of Music had a bit of a revival when NBC decided they wanted to do a live televised performance of the show starring country music star Carrie Underwood in the lead role of Maria, in which she did a reasonably good job, despite the rest of the production being quite unexciting.

Drawing on similar old news here, from the ripe antiquity of the year 2008, I recently revisited a YouTube cultural sensation, Pomplamoose (not the fruit) and have been enjoying their music and particular brand of videos, dubbed VideoSongs – as opposed to a music video – due to every instrument being presented at some point and the recording being, more-or-less, live.

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