My Favorite Things – Cover by Pomplamoose

Sound of Music had a bit of a revival when NBC decided they wanted to do a live televised performance of the show starring country music star Carrie Underwood in the lead role of Maria, in which she did a reasonably good job, despite the rest of the production being quite unexciting.

Drawing on similar old news here, from the ripe antiquity of the year 2008, I recently revisited a YouTube cultural sensation, Pomplamoose (not the fruit) and have been enjoying their music and particular brand of videos, dubbed VideoSongs – as opposed to a music video – due to every instrument being presented at some point and the recording being, more-or-less, live.

In the video, musicians Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte present us with their rendition of the Sound of Music classic song, My Favorite Things, including an accordion. Because accordions.

Compared to NBC’s live performance of the show, this live VideoSong is pretty cool.



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