Eat A Slice: You Can Host A Nation-Wide Pizza Party

“I hope those of you who are feeling discouraged right now know you can do anything you put your mind to. Even if it’s a national wide pizza tour, you can do it.”

Earlier this year, internet filmmaker and personality Olan Rogers decided to make a dream into a reality.

Beginning his YouTube career filming with friends Joshua Pursley and Thomas Gore back in the mid aughts, working on the comedy channel Balloon Shop, Olan has built his personal YouTube channel to over 500,000 subscribers. He is working on his third short film series, Pop Rocket, and has also been working with Fandango to produce and act in the series Admit One. He was recently cast to play Walt Disney in the Nashville-based independent film As Dreamers Do.

But coolest of all, Olan succeeded in hosting a free, nation-wide pizza party that drew in over 7000 people and received sponsorship from Budget Transportation and Jones Soda.

Olan is the kind of guy I believe the world roots for, sometimes in spite of themselves, because he just cares so very much. He cares about people more than most people I know, and I know I root for him, too. It’s always good to have a role model that does the thing you want to do for the same reasons you want to do it. Thanks, Olan, for being that guy.

Check out his short documentary about how the Eat A Slice With Me tour came to be.

“I do it because I love it. I love it – I love every aspect – and I’m not going to let anybody tell me what I can’t do.”


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