A Good Dad Paralyzed In Car Accident, How We Can Help


I found this on Reddit today. I’ll let this man’s son explain what happened.

This past Monday evening my father was involved in a serious automobile accident close to Atlanta, Georgia. He was on the way to catch a movie with my two brothers when he was hit head on by a driver

Unfortunately, my fathers injuries are extensive. He is permanently paralyzed below the neck, can’t breath without a respirator, and has to have a feeding tube for the rest of his life. On top of that, he isn’t expected to live for more than a few months.

While this terrible event has humbled and pained all of us, we are most concerned about our fathers’ state of mind. He can’t speak to us but can nod his head and use a message board to communicate. He has told us he is frustrated and sad. We are trying to do all that we can to lift his spirits.

That’s where we are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle here on reddit. I’m trying to find some personality/celebrity that my father is fond of, to make a visit to his hospital room in the next week or two.

Here is a little bit about my father and his interests. He is a HUGE NBA nut, specifically the Lakers. He is conservative politically and enjoys Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, etc. (Hope I didn’t lose 90% of Reddit with that one!). While the NBA is his first love, he loves sports in general. Does anyone here on r/pics have any connections to anyone in the NBA, Fox News, MLB, or something along those lines?

We are desperately trying to get some personality/celebrity that means something to him to come and visit him in the ICU unit. He will be in the ICU in Atlanta Medical Center for the next week. Feel free to post here or send me a PM. Here’s hoping! Proof and some pictures of my father: http://imgur.com/a/xwtS3 (I’ll be posting this to a few subreddits, for maximum visibility. You can submit it elsewhere too if you have an idea of what might make this plea more successful)

Another commenter said this: “Oh man, this one is personal. I know Jim, he is an incredibly person and helped me on my path in life. If anyone has any contact PLEASE HELP THIS MAN. He has helped endless lives for the better and has made the world brighter.”

So here’s the deal. I’m going to push this out. Let’s start tweeting using the hashtag #AGoodDad to talk about the things we love about the father figures in our lives, and start pushing this out to the people this man said he wants to meet. I’ve already reached out to the OP about this.

I know to some this might not seem important to some, and I know that a lot of the people in my circles are investigative journalists and news bloggers. I know we like to focus on the big shocker stories. Let’s do something for this family.


Here’s a link to the Reddit post, so upvote that if you can. Here’s a link to his twitter, let’s give him follows and RTs. 

Please give it a share. Thank you, and God bless.


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