Two Hour Interrogation For Kindergartner Over Cap Gun


Think of all the fuss that’s made when an adult suspect in an investigation is interrogated without their legal counsel present. In any number of crime TV shows, as well as in real life, we have the right to have an attorney present, and it’s inadvisable to speak to authorities without a lawyer, in order to have an advocate and information about individual rights.

Apparently, children don’t deserve that same right. How does a five-year old boy get interrogated by school officials for two hours before his parents are notified? And how can school officials be so intimidating with their questioning that the young student uncharacteristically wets himself?

Are we so frothing-mad paranoid about guns that we’re giving kindergartners less rights than we give to alleged criminals?

I want to see a full investigation into these administrators. If they did what evidence says they did, they should be flat out fired. No relocation, no discipline. Fired. Someone that aggressive towards children shouldn’t work in a school.

Please read the full article. There’s far more to this story, and the reporter does a great job presenting the information in this backwards situation.

Full Story @ The Washington Post: Cowboy-style cap gun gets 5-year-old suspended from school in Calvert County



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