Find Your Smile – Beat O Mine

Find Your Smile

I have the distinct pleasure of personally knowing these guys. Find Your Smile is made up of two pairs of brothers from my hometown of Salem, Oregon. With a long history of rocking the stage in our high school jazz group, FYS combines heavy jazz influences with a sound inspired by Ray Lamontagne and Weezer.

All four of them are great guys on the stage and off, and the sheer amount of musical prowess, intuition, and performance chops between them is astounding.

Also, I still distinctly remember them covering Brittney Spears’ Toxic at our high school talent show. Jordan’s willowy falsetto was impressive, and it was quite the performance. Cheers, brothers!

Like them on Facebook and ReverbNation and for the love of God and all that is holy, listen to more of their music! They are on Spotify. Just type Find Your Smile into that ol’ box, and add their album “Life’s Been” to your favorite playlist.

You can also purchase both their albums on iTunes, which is going to be the only way you’ll hear my favorite song by them, G’night Circus. It’s seriously killer, check it out.

I’m sure they’d be glad to make you an omelet or give you a back massage or something to return the favor.


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