Teacher Faces Discipline, Educated Students On Constitution

school classroom

Batavia, Illinois — A social studies teacher at Batavia High School in Illinois is potentially facing discipline after informing his students of their constitutional rights while handing out a survey. The survey, which had each student’s name printed at the top, asked questions about drug and alcohol use, and the teacher felt it was important to convey to the students that they had the right to not incriminate themselves, and could opt out of answering any question, as per the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution.

The teacher faces having a letter of remedy posted in his employment file, which could lead to consequences up to dismissal, and would leave a black mark on his record.

Read the article to find out what’s being done to protect this teacher.

H/T: r/libertarian


3 thoughts on “Teacher Faces Discipline, Educated Students On Constitution

  1. Sad state our country is in. I remember being in the 3rd grade – we said a prayer before lunch each day ( I know, right?? If they tried this today there would be hell to pay) ..I also remember what I had learned about the Constitution and knew I did not HAVE to say grace if I did not want to. I was a P.C. third grader…as an adult, I see that I was yes, smart – but also a smart ass – I bet my teacher loathed me and my little P.C. attitude.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Anna! This is a good point. Prayer was encouraged, but not mandatory. These school district officials think that we want to make prayer mandatory. I just believe that students shouldn’t be pressured by administrators and subtly told by the treatment of their teachers that prayer is a bad thing.

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