Electric Guest – Awake


I heard Electric Guest for the first time on a mix CD a friend gave me. I was listening to it on a road trip north to Washington, and I kept playing their song “This Head I Hold” over and over again. It’s fantastic, I’ll probably post it here later, or you can check it out for yourself.

But I swear, it wasn’t until I looked up the music video that I realized the lead singer was a man.

I kept thinking to myself, “damn! This girl has a really unique voice.” I was visualizing some willowy, mysterious black woman. Something like a soft-spoken Janelle Monae. Turns out Asa Taccone is actually a willowy, falsetto-professional dude.

I absolutely love Electric Guest. They’re enough of a throwback that they can ride on my nostalgia wave, but current enough that it’s something new. Plus, Taccone is a performance and singing boss.

And he’s the producer of SNL/Lonely Island’s Dick in a Box. So there’s that.


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