The Foundry: Generating Ideas and Hanging Lanterns


So, I recorded the first episode of my new show – The Foundry – last week, and it’s been broadcast several times now on Salem’s local community TV station, CCTV. It was definitely a new experience – we shot the show in one take, and it was a take-it-or-leave-it type of thing. No re-records, no editing. Just intro and credits, and raw show.

It was just a bit terrifying. Just a bit.

Nevermind that I botched the intro (I don’t think I’m going to do a spoken intro again. Just dive right in) and misspoke the tagline that I came up with, which is always a little embarrassing. But, the good thing is that we’re on the ground and rolling. I’ve got studio times listed every week during the month of June, and we’re going to be shooting multiple episodes per day. I’ve already spoken with some inspiring people here in Oregon, and we’re getting things lined up for our show.

I’m pretty excited.

I wanted to share with you some of the potential ideas for the direction of the show, just to give you a little insight on the creative process and where we’re going.


Currently, as the show stands, it works as something of a spotlight. There are a lot of inspiring people in Oregon, not to mention the people who are concentrated just within Marion County. Anything involved with the Foundry always  conjures up within me images of bright things – steel foundries, lanterns, lightbulbs, torches, fire, crucibles – we’re all about shining a light. Be it a light on someone who is doing something good or something bad, with light comes truth, vision, and clarity.

White Hot Truth, if you will.

We’re starting off sitting down with some people doing great things for their community. This isn’t things like “oh, Steve put together a zombie walk on Halloween, and we’d like to talk about that.” I mean, sure, zombie walks are great. But… they don’t really make the world much better. I’m trying to get away from the zombie culture, and I mean the one in our hearts, not the one on the screen.

People running a church mission in Downtown Salem, ministering to those who are despondent, homeless, and oftentimes struggling with addiction. People turning plastic bags into sleeping bags. Groups working to build a positive, engaged community and culture in Oregon; activists, bloggers, and citizen journalists creating a new media; regular people working to rejuvenate how our political system works, and restore We The People. 

One of the ideas that has been recommended is to eventually bring on people of opposing viewpoints and have a civil discussion, something that is rare to see in the media. No scapegoats, no ganging up on the unpopular opinion, just a discussion. Which is the most difficult thing to achieve successfully with opinionated people, so hence why we’re starting a little smaller.

Eventually, as a new media movement, I’m hoping to expand to a storytelling approach, which is one of the greater passions of mine that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do in a film environment.

But that’s a whole different story.

The Foundry is dedicated to finding people who are doing good things, and hanging lanterns on those people so their efforts are seen. After all, it takes sunlight to grow a plant.


We’re all about cool metaphors here. Filming starts in June. Shows air soon after. Keep your eyes open. Look for the lanterns.


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