Beethead: Remembering Paisley and Other Vintage Design Maladies



“Wow, this song sounds a lot like the third song on The Clash’s second album. These kids don’t even know, this music they’re listening to isn’t new at all!”

Older people can still be hipsters.

I know it’s a time-tested generational gap thing, where the older folks think the younger folks don’t know what’s what, and the younger folks think the older folks don’t know what’s what, and together we have this society of people what’s whatting it up and wearing spangled flared jeans and rastafarian beanies and suspenders, and playing epic banjo solos in all of their songs.

Seriously, try a taste of that link. That GIF is one of the greatest things.

But one of the common misconceptions I see a lot is that the younger people listening to the music don’t understand that it’s been done before. In fact, most people who listen to any kind of alternative/indie/groovin’ragtimejazzcelticbanjogasm music totally understands that it’s all been done before. That’s why it’s cool. Artists are taking what they grew up listening to, which is usually what their parents listened to, and then got their own interesting musical tastes as they got older, also sourced from (shockingly) music that already existed. Then, they just took all those hay bales of down-home musical talent and made music that was sort-of like what they’d listened to, but different and cooler. Like Proudwalk, for instance (a made up genre of mine. That combines big band jazz, dubstep beats, and bagpipes, with atmospheric, slurred Scottish brogue vocals.

I’d like to see that happen.

But even the younger generations at large understand that music is vastly recycled from older musical movements (at least for most, there are some who are absolute no talent ass clowns and think that Flo Rida’s Right Round was original content.) Some even understand the phrase nihil novi sub sole. Which is awesome, if that’s the case.

But yeah, I get it. It used to be cool, and it’s still cool now. There’s so much cool stuff out there, it’d be a crime not to be inspired by it. So it’s all good.

And seriously, somebody get some bagpipes, we’re recording Proudwalk.




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