Budweiser Goes “Hipster” With Bowtie Beer Can


At least it’s not as bad as Garfield Nyan Cat. Two years late.

Let’s find out what the kids like! I know, kids like oddly shaped beer cans. Unfortunately I think this beer can looks kind of cool, and I don’t even know why. I so desperately want to mock it but just the change of ~7 degrees to the edge of an aluminum can changes it from something ordinary to something never been done before.

I do think this new beer can is a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The straight metal can always looked like a “beverage receptacle.”

It’s always been a hope of mine that our culture drift away from the practical look to the pretty look. I’ve always felt that’s why steampunk got popular popular, because things are so excessively impractical that they look amazing. There’s something to be said for adding a little extra to make something look better.

I think the next Budweiser can should feature a dirigible.


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