Friday Five: Dinner For Five

Friday Five

So over on Misfit Politics, in the wake of the Misfit’s Ball, an aptly-named alternative to President Barack Obama’s inauguration (which we all “accidentally” forgot to tune in for), they’ve done a Friday Five about dinner table compatriots: who you’d want to sit next to at a dinner party.

Remember, this can be anyone: alive, dead, half-dead. Famous, infamous, almost unheard of… let’s stay away from imaginary though. Winnie the Pooh isn’t coming to dinner, boys and girls.

Post your own response lists either here, on Facebook, or on Twitter, and I’ll stick ’em in this post. That way our party planning committee can wrangle your favorite people up and put them at your table when we have the Millennial Generation Gala. It’s gonna be a hoot.

I’ll kick things off with my list.

  1. George Washington
  2. Calvin Coolidge (the antics!)
  3. Miles Davis
  4. Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Vercingetorix (just because of the name)
  6. </

    Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, and Barack Obama. I'd love to hear Obama try to explain and defend, well, pretty much everything.

    (GtG Note: I’d love to be a fly between the President’s eyes during a conversation with Churchill!)


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