Oregon’s “Guns Across America” Rally Roaring Success

2013-01-19 11.50.53

Although local media sources are reporting that “hundreds” of protesters gathered outside the Capitol building in Salem, Oregon today, having personally been there and having a great vantage point on the festivities, I can quite confidently pin the number at closer to 2000, at least. According to the police reports, there were “at least 1000 people.” So thank you, local Oregon media.

You had ONE job.

This video was recorded by a buddy of mine, Bob Gallagher, interviewing one of the few counter-protesters at the rally. Watch as she struggles to come to grips with exactly what the definition of “assault weapon” is. It’s a valiant effort.

According to Bob, he stood and watched as the largest newspaper in the state (I assume the Oregonian) and several other film crews flocked around this singular counter protester, who didn’t even know what she was protesting.

So if you want a story, how about this. “Thousands of Conservatives Support 2nd Amendment. Woman Gets Lost, Holds Sign.”

Do your job, local media. If I was your boss, I’d fire you.


Here’s some more video from the rally, just to give you a good gist of the crowd size. Pretty hefty!


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