Young Man on Firearm Legislation

In this episode! John Coltrane’s Sax, Gun Control, and Doctor Who References.

Of Note: Feel free to comment with any thoughts or concerns; I will respond to them.


4 thoughts on “Young Man on Firearm Legislation

  1. Trinity

    I, too, have been concerned about the whole “mental illness” portion of the Gun Control Screaming Match (I feel debate is a misnomer.) Who defines what or what is not “mental illness”? I have known too many people who were misdiagnosed with “mental illnesses” and put on medication that made them worse to be happy with the thought of anyone who wants to own a firearm undergoing specific testing for “mental illness.” While I want guns out of the hands of criminals and those who would use them for evil, I know far more responsible gun owners (almost everyone I know, in fact) than irresponsible and dangerous ones. This whole mess concerns me.

  2. Trinity

    Also, the Hippocratic oath is the one that healthcare providers take in relation to ethical treatment of patients. I think you got a little mixed up there. Good video none the less.

  3. You’re absolutely right, Trinity, most firearm owners are responsible, good people. It’s really concerning to me as well, seeing how this narrative is playing out and how people are being told that they’re at risk of being shot at any moment. But no one stops to ask themselves, “do I actually feel unsafe?” Based on your daily experiences, is there violence happening all around you? Is your neighborhood a war zone? Or are you just worried that you might be in the absolutely wrong place at the wrong time on some one-in-a-million chance, and a mass shooting occurs.

    Why worry about something like that? Serenity prayer.

    And you’re absolutely right, Hippocratic oath is doctor-patient confidentiality. My mistake. Although that also is being done away with, now that doctors can ask whether their patient owns a gun.

  4. Trinity

    I live in a rather rural part of Oregon, in what is considered to be the “drug capital of Washington County” where police officers are afraid to show up without back up. I have lived here my whole life, and I have seldom been afraid. However, over the past few years in my little town (no more than one hundred fifty people) I HAVE seen a rise in crime that causes me concern — though I do not know if it is merely because I am older/more observant or if there truly is a rise in crime. I think, also, the death of my Father has left me concerned for the safety of myself and my mother. We never locked the doors of our house when he was alive. Now we do.

    I guess my fears are not for being in a place when a mass shooting occurs. I can honestly say that I do not expect to ever be in that situation. It is tragic when it happens, but it is not something I worry about. However, I DO worry about the personal defense of myself and my family. I believe in my right to life, liberty and property — and I do not believe that I should have to be complacent if or when someone decides to try and infringe on those rights.

    There seems to have been a paradigm shift among society where there always has to be a scapegoat — there is always an outlying reason and threads where you cannot lay blame directly on the perpetrator. Personal responsibility and accountability is shriveling into nonexistence.

    I believe in giving Americans the benefit of the doubt. There are far more good people in this country than bad ones, even if it doesn’t seem like it because of the scare tactics of the media. There are more innocent, law abiding citizens than guilty, violent homicidal maniacs. And I believe that that we, as Americans, are innocent until proven guilty. And I believe that rights of a whole should not be surrendered because of a smaller fraction than society is led to believe. I’d rather punish the guilty than punish the innocent.

    Jeez, sorry that’s long and that I repeated myself a hundred and a half times! I have a lot of political feelings I don’t vent often enough, apparently.

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