The Best Funeral Ever

Funeral Service

“We’re going to make these families extremely happy at the worst moments of their lives.”

That’s what John Beckwith Jr. says about his new reality TV show on TLC called “Best Funeral Ever.”

That’s right folks, Beckwith, owner of Golden Gate Funeral Home, wants your loved one’s funeral to be the wildest party of the year. Unlike some, he doesn’t believe that a funeral has to be a somber occasion, and instead believes that it should be a celebration of the person’s life, and a way to bring joy to those in mourning. Of course, I very much agree, however… well, not necessarily with the whole “reality TV” part.

“If they want to dunk a basketball,” Beckwith says, “Golden Gate Funeral Home can make that happen for them. If they want to jump out of airplanes, Golden Gate Funeral Home can make that happen for them.”

Some of the featured funeral services include a BBQ-themed service (with a BBQ sauce fountain that mourners can dunk a rib in to say goodbye), a disco-themed service with accompanying strobe lights, disco ball, and smoke machines, and a wrestling-themed service, complete with luchador pall-bearers, a coffin at the center of the ring, and an announcer with free-hanging mic in hand.

This may be your thing. I can understand how it might be.

If it is, TLC is going to be airing a special/backdoor pilot to test out the concept, on Wednesday, December 26th, 8/7c. Just to keep the Christmas cheer going. Also, you can tweet about your experience using the hashtag #BestFuneralEver.

I can almost guarantee I will be checking out that hashtag.

Source and Video: Entertainment Weekly


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