Approaching Christianity

I think more people need to approach Christianity with the mindset of approaching a different culture. It feels like there is a belief that, because most people live in such close proximity to Christians, and Christianity has influenced so much of American culture, that there’s really not much different. But the reality is that modern culture and Christian culture are very different.

Many times I hear Christians referred to as being “weird” for being so joyful, positive, loving, and dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus, but I think that’s because they’re looking at a Christian through the lens of “normal American.” Of course, Christians are like these so-called “normal Americans” in some ways, but in other ways, they are very different.

(I say they because I am still far from truly grasping what it means to be a Christian)

It’s easier to accept other cultures in other parts of the world when we approach them expecting something very different. I think, if someone really wants to get a better understanding of Christianity, they should try looking at it through the lens one would look at a foreign culture, because by approaching Christianity, it is guaranteed you will find a lifestyle very different from your own.


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