Internet Cut Off in Syria

Syria Internet

Internet was cut off in the conflict-torn country of Syria this week, marking a new turn in the conflict that has raged for more than a year. The action has been attributed to “terrorists” by the Syrian government; the rebels, of course, blame the Syrian government. According to the rebels, communication cuts like this are not uncommon in certain areas, but never before has communication been cut off for the whole country.

This dark zone not only cuts off internet, but also service for mobile phones, leaving most modern lines of communication dead.

I personally suspect this is the work of the Syrian government, seeing as they have lines of communication unaffected by the dead networks, while the rebels do not. This grants the government an extreme tactical advantage; not only will the rebels have a crippling disadvantage with the lack of communication, but it also cuts off content sharing with the rest of the world.

Rebel journalists had been documenting the conflict and sending videos and images to western news media – this will likely cease now that their avenue of communication has been severed. The impact on outside aid and sympathy for this conflict is currently up in the air, as it is unknown whether the internet severance will draw attention to the conflict, or whether the lack of incoming media will allow it to fade from the public attention.

More updates on this as they arise.

Source: BBC News


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