The Tower of Babel

In the book of Genesis, chapter 11, there is the story of the tower of Babel. The men of this story, united through the voice of one constant language, came together and resolved to build a tower that would reach the heavens. When God saw this, he struck them down and confused them, and made them speak all different languages so that they could not attempt to reach heaven through mortal means.

This curse of Babel is the ongoing curse of humanity. Time and time again, we believe that we as men can reach a kind of perfection (or heaven) on Earth. We believe that we can reach a Utopia, by controlling men and ruling over their hearts and minds to achieve a perfected human race, denying the broken nature of man as it was made by God, the infinite curse of our sentience, and believing that men can be “fixed” through enough engineering and social change. It is the belief that we are victims of our circumstances, that we are bred by society to be broken, but by nature are not broken, and that with proper education and rearing we can be bred to perfection.

This is the school of though that gives birth to socialism, communism, and a thousand schools of philosophy dedicated to finding the answer to life. All are based from good intentions – to make the world perfect, and to make everyone happy – but all are based from secularism, and the reason for their repeated failure is the denial of inner peace and the denial of a higher power in God.

Although it is never the conscious intention, those who seek to rectify the world through mortal means – to achieve heaven on earth through the labors of man – are driven by a desire for power. A power over evil, a power over man, a power over sin. Even if they begin with good intentions, they will either be corrupted by that power, or another will destroy them and take the power for themselves. The nations that have attempted to do this, Israel which denied God in the end, Rome, France, and England, all which used Him for the pursuit of land, wealth, and power, Germany, Russia, North Korea, The Middle East, all which strove for unity of mind and message, and purity of the people, were driven to great atrocity and sin, and the fate of eventual fall.

The United States is now building the Tower of Babel. We believe  that the law of man is gospel, that byzantine laws and rules and regulations are chains that bind us. We focus on legislation and elections and politics as if they were grand spectacles of divinity, not merely decisions of the operation of a country but changes to the fabric of our reality. We’ve come to believe that the government is now God, and that the old God can be kept in churches, but not in the heart of the country. We believe that the government has the power to take away our choice, when nothing can do that, not even God. We have the choice to reject Him. We have seen one party defend God in anger and spite, and the other reject him entirely not once, but three times.

Our culture, too, has fallen. Where we once embraced family, love, community, and God. Now our culture is downstream from the puerile faucet that is our media, a mechanism of social change and influence disguised as mindless entertainment. Instead of being motivated by ourselves, by our own necessity, we’re motivated by a thousand clever advertisements telling us the things we need to buy, the things we need to eat, to use, to wear. We’ve become bogged down with rooms full of useless things that we whimsically believed we needed, simply because a stranger told us so. The country is on the verge of economic collapse because the culture of needless consumerism has replaced the culture of wisdom and frugality, and even our highest offices spend money as if it was meaningless. Advertisement now removes our need to think. If we are willing to blindly accept the latest fashions, the latest trends, the “cool” things to do that we blissfully imitate, then what else will we blindly accept?

America is faced with a choice. Is the answer government? Is it control, power, possessions, and eventual perfection? Or is it God? Can we be perfected, or are we inherently broken beyond repair? And if we are, is that a bad thing? Either way, I believe we will see great tumult before the end, because this is a battle over the soul of America. Will we return to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not rights guaranteed by America or the government but rights guaranteed by God, or will we ensure that the pursuit of happiness is effortless, and both those who ask and those who don’t receive all they could ever want, in exchange for participating in the great experiment of man’s folly.

We cannot attain perfection. The pursuit of it is nothing new. The ideas presented are not revolutionary, they have been repeating on a loop since the book of Genesis. Observe them for what they are. Destined failures. We must choose who we seek to follow – the Creator, or those false idols who believe they can create something better.


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