It’s 1773, Are You Ready?


“The tea party is so extreme! Did you hear…”

“Did you hear what Glenn Beck said? He’s so crazy…”

“I don’t really like our current President, but Romney would take things way too far…”

Listen, I could sit here for ages trying to explain to you the platform of the tea party, and we would get absolutely nowhere. If you don’t like us, there’s literally no way I can get you to decide that you like us. To you, we’re the devil. So… hi! Instead of trying to explain the platform, I’m just going to level with you. This is bigger than me. This is bigger than the tea party. It’s bigger than you. As much as the media and our President want you to think the “big issues” are abortion, birth control, and gay marriage, those are merely the talking points.

We can’t address the real issues because it’s difficult to encompass complicated and world-shaking problems into five second sound bites, so the media doesn’t cover them. Plus, they’re scary and actually require thought and a time commitment to solve. These are big issues. So when I hear people say that the tea party is extreme because of our stance on these fringe issues that everyone is focusing on simply because they’re really easy to focus on, I want to shake somebody, because they are missing the point entirely.

It’s like looking at the Roman Empire and complaining that they’re drinking out of lead cups. Let’s try shifting our attention to the fact that there’s corruption in the system and barbarians at the gates. Let’s realize the similarities between today’s America and the great societies of the past, and realize that no society has made it past this rapidly approaching point in history. Luckily for you, we actually have a shot. Because we know that no society has ever made it past this point, and we aim to break the trend.

The only thing “extreme” about the tea party is that we want America to be… America. What it was originally founded on. We want to return to adhering to the Constitution. We want to return to principles and values. We want to return to respect, reverence, faith in something greater than ourselves, and a belief in the American mission, that people CAN be free. That people CAN govern themselves. That’s what you’re calling extreme. And you know what? It’s not historically unheard of to think that the American idea is extreme. Another large group of people also believed this, much like the progressives do now. We call them “The British Empire.”

That’s right, folks. History repeats itself. America is going the way of all empires throughout history. We’ve become the British Empire. The ruling party of this country no longer believes in the freedom and liberty of the citizens, but instead mocks and ridicules those who still do, and seeks to increase government control for the greater good. Remember, in England, King George took control of the church and named himself God on Earth. Sure, you can argue that this administration still values liberty, because they support freedom of choice! Women have the right to choose! That’s freedom!

Not for the dead baby. At this point in history, empires typically begin executing children. The regard for human life goes away because the citizens go from being neighbors to being subjects. Wonder why you’re classified by your tax bracket now? Wonder why infants are handled so callously by those who we’ve chosen to represent us? It’s because we became “the masses” years ago. Peons, if you will. Call that freedom? Yeah right.

When the American idea becomes a joke – when the entire reason for this country’s existence becomes an obstacle to progress as opposed to the destination of that progress – you know that the country is being led by the wrong people. The leaders of this country are too selfish to simply start their own country with their own values – that would be too difficult – so instead they will utilize the preexisting framework of the last remaining free world power and twist it like white hot metal until it’s an oppressive cage of tyranny. The reality is, if you’re not moving towards the American way, you’re moving towards tyranny.

Of course, you can call me ethnocentric and ultra-nationalist and tell me I’m just too “RA RA AMERICA” for my own good and that I’m not accepting other ways of thinking. But I’m not just proud of America like “a Swiss person is proud of Switzerland.” There is something special about America that no other nation in history has had. Look at our history. Seriously, people, LOOK AT OUR HISTORY. It’s all right there for your consumption, but you have to open the dang book. Look at what the world was before America. America has the first written Constitution. Why is that profound? Because the only Constitution existing before that, the British one, was “oral,” meaning that it was amorphous, changeable, and subject to the whims of memory and purposeful forgetfulness. What happens if something in the Constitution becomes inconvenient to progress? Well, let’s just change that part and disregard it. Now that person we didn’t have the right to prosecute, the law we didn’t have the right to pass, the restriction or obligation we didn’t have the right to place, becomes fair game.

The entire point of a constitution is to put limits on the government. It’s based on the understanding that the government will be a powerful and potentially dangerous force, and that we need to take preemptive steps to safeguard the people from their government. America was formed as an ESCAPE from an oppressive government, hence a written constitution. That’s why it’s there! The constitution regulates no one but the government. So when politicians call the constitution a “living document,” they are talking about taking the document back to the days when it was an oral constitution. If there is something inconvenient within the amendments, then simply change it, and go about your business. They are doing exactly what our Founding Fathers said not to do. Verbatim.

Look at how the British Empire ended up, doing that. Massive oppression of their citizens, to the point that many ran away to the distant American Colonies, lest they be dragged off in the middle of the night and imprisoned for practicing their faith. Later, they oppressed the American colonies, taxing them exorbitantly and denying them a voice within Parliament. That’s tyranny. That is exactly what the British Empire was: a tyrannical government led by a mad king. They got there by doing the exact same thing we are doing right now.

But perhaps you feel safe knowing that you agree with our American establishment. Perhaps you voted for our current president and you agree with everything he says. You don’t feel the threat because you agree with the people perpetrating it, and you’ve let your own idolization of those shared opinions blind you to the reality that something is wrong.  There’s no concern that your voice will be silent, because your voice is collectively in tandem with the President of the United States. You’re friends with the king. If you are okay with this, watching your fellow Americans who disagree with you being targeted and oppressed, frankly you are undeserving of the American name.

The voices most worth protecting are the voices we disagree with the most. That’s always been the American spirit. I would fight tooth and nail to protect the freedom of speech of an American who disagrees with me, and many men and women have done just that. To protect you. But if you are okay with bigger government and “shutting up those stupid tea party people,” simply because you agree with the President, I want you to go out on your Facebook right now, and post “I am okay with tyranny and oppression, as long as nobody oppresses me personally.” What’s the old saying? When they came for the tea party, I said nothing because I wasn’t a tea partier. When they came for the Republicans, I said nothing because I wasn’t one of them. When they came for the moderates, I said nothing because I stand with the President. When they came for me, the President stood by silently and watched me being escorted away.

“Selfish” isn’t the right word for this situation. Try “stupid.”

But I don’t believe, deep in the hearts of most Americans, that anyone wants tyranny. Because that above is what tyranny looks like. Sound pleasant? Hardly. I believe that most Americans want liberty. They want justice. They want kindness and camaraderie. But there are people out there – people like Saul Alinsky and George Soros and the members of the Frankfurt School – who have worked long and hard to make that picture of tyranny look like a picture of liberty. The pathway to a totalitarian dictatorship is Marxism, and it’s all about helping the poor and needy, making sure everyone is fed and in return, people have to follow a strict set of rules so that everyone behaves. We all need to play by the same rules. And of course, it would be unfair to have some people making more money than others. How oppressive! The rich should pay their fair share, and we can give it to the poor, because we want the poor to be better off. We want everyone to be equal, and the government will oversee it. And then you’ll be equal – in slavery. Because that’s what “fair share” and “same rules” looks like. Slavery.

So of course the President won’t come out and say “hey guys, I want to oppress you!” He’ll phrase it like he wants to help everybody. He just wants people to pay their fair share. What, do you think he’s stupid? Why would he tell the world he wants a Utopia? There are enough people out there who’ve read 1984 to understand that a Utopia sours quickly. It may sound like these ideas will make things great for everyone. But they won’t. Not for everyone. Just an elite few. Not liberty and justice for all; liberty and justice for those who agree. Or at least, those who agree that the government chooses to favor.

For those the government doesn’t favor? Say goodbye to freedom. The American Empire doesn’t tolerate dissent, and support means very little to a government that doesn’t need it. Those that are favored will be the young, the fervent believers, the philosophers, and the brainwashed college students. The old, the wizened, and the wary – they’re obsolete and dangerous. They need to go away. We’ve seen it happen before. For historical context, take a guess how many members of the Hitler Youth were sent to Hitler’s concentration camps?

Yeah. See the parallel?

All I ask is that you consider how your vote affects just one person who disagrees with you. This isn’t a war of two sides. We are all Americans. So consider the whole of America when you fill in that box. Because this isn’t simply about abortion. This isn’t just about gay marriage. It’s definitely not about birth control, either. It’s about the future of this country. It’s a choice between liberty and tyranny. Will America be a land of many differing opinions? Or will it be a land where one side is infinitely happy, and the other can say nothing to the contrary? Think about it.


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