Don’t Read If You’re Easily Scared: The Future, Without Liberty

What will this country look like with a continuation of our current path?

The rich would be taxed more, they’d become less wealthy, more businesses going under, government buys them out and operates them as a centralized conglomerate, more business regulation as per Obama’s previous regulation, less startups, less accountability because of a topheavy government/industry sector.

Degradation of the traditional family unit, lack of respect for life, corrupt unions bloated with government funds, poor quality education because teachers can’t be fired even if they suck, children raised with mental disorders from warped sensibilities propagated by the public school system and their own broken families.

Heavily debilitated military due to budget cuts, second terrorist attack larger than 9/11, a World War where the US is no longer a military power player, the impending financial collapse of the European Union and the rapid shift to Sharia Law, as is seen in most power vacuums today. Destruction of Western sensibilities from within the US due to us having a president and a media that caters more to Islam than it does to American values, collapse of the United States of America, Global Islamic Caliphate.

Game Over. Unpleasant reality: women enslaved, gays executed, no voting, ever, no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, no constitution, no fundamental human rights. Scaremonger? Hardly. I just generally don’t like talking about this because it’s real and it’s freaking terrifying.

So I am fighting to make sure that never happens. Because that situation is absolutely horrible. But you can certainly go on pretending it could never happen, and you’ll be proven right because there are enough talented people working to stop it, and you’ll never have to face that future. Or maybe we won’t be enough. And maybe it will happen. And then it’s just like the people who said food storage was silly, because a disaster could never happen. So you can either accept your inevitable consumption of trash-can food and global slavery, or you can wake up and help us change the world. Because this is SO much bigger than Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The choice is yours. Hope to see you on the front lines 🙂


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