Podcast the First: Video Games, Social Commentary, and Bad Endings

My first attempt at a Podcast for Generation the Great! I plan on making this a weekly thing, and I’ve finally got my WordPress account hooked up so I can upload audio files now. Youtube did not work out the way I planned.

So without further ado, here is the very first ever Generation the Great podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

Podcast the First

Also, during the Podcast I wondered how Assassins’ Creed III would handle Connor Kenway’s interactions with the colonialist rebels, whether they would be friend or foe. After I recorded this podcast I did a little digging and found this entry under the “criticisms” section on the Assassins’ Creed wiki page, and I’ll just be honest, it made me a little sick to my stomach.

Initially, the pre-release media for Assassin’s Creed III came under heavy criticism by some fans and critics for its portrayal of Loyalist Redcoats. This was mainly because, in every trailer and image released since the reveal in March 2012, the victims of the game’s protagonist Connor Kenway were almost exclusively of British allegiance; leading some to suggest that the game would be an America versus Britain story.

This claim was repeatedly contested by the game’s developers, with lead writer Matt Turner denying it would be an “America Ra Ra” story, and that there were members of the Templar Order on both sides of the conflict. Despite these assurances, criticisms for the decidedly one-sided portrayal of Loyalists continued. Following the criticism, Ubisoft released an AnvilNext trailer on 2 August 2012, in which Connor was depicted killing several Continental soldiers as well as Loyalist Redcoats.

“An America versus Britain story?” You mean, like the actual Revolutionary War? While the “America Ra Ra” comments were particularly insulting (apparently being pro-America is offensive now), the really disturbing thing is how Ubisoft caved to pressure, and appeased to the critics by putting out a new ad depicting Connor Kenway “killing several Contintental soldiers.” Obviously they have the freedom to put whatever they want in their game, but I think it was a bad call to make Connor Kenway a neutral party killing Redcoats and Rebels alike. I think the world needs a positive message about America right now. True, the game is made by Ubisoft Montreal, but still. Have a little respect for our forefathers.

Anyways, that’s a wrap. Just thought I’d provide that little update I gleaned through some wiki research. Take care and God bless, all.

That’s the GtG take.


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