Romney Needs To Own His Comments

Recently, a leaked video of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has shown him stating at a private fundraiser that “there are 47 percent of the people who will vote for Obama no matter what…who are dependent upon government, who believe they are the victims.”Here’s the video below for the full extent of Romney’s comments.

Now while this rhetoric from Mitt Romney is different from what he’s been presenting on the campaign trail – a focus on Obama’s failed economy – I don’t believe these comment are out of line, nor are they out of touch with the sensibilities of many Americans. The truth is that Obama has created a welfare state by providing so much for those in poverty. On the surface it seems kind and philanthropic, but in reality it creates a group of people who unwittingly fall into a dependency cycle, often at little fault of their own, which becomes harder and harder to get out of. Once you’re that dependent on the system, having that safety net taken away can be devastating.

But the truth is our system can’t support that kind of welfare, nor should it. It’s a tragedy that the welfare state was built up to such levels, but we must nip it in the bud before everyone is dependent on the governments dime and we’ve drained our coffers dry. There is no end to this path other than absolute government control.

Mitt Romney needs to explain what I’ve just said to you now, assuming that he believes as I do, which I think he does, but he also needs to stand firm and defend his comments. Backing off and going on the defensive is not going to win Romney any points at this stage in the elections.

Romney needs to quickly sit down and compose himself with the campaign staff, figure out a clear course of action, and then make the definitive statement he wishes he could have made before. Make that statement now, Mr. Romney. Come out and clarify your position, clarify that you don’t hold those in poverty responsible but instead hold the government responsible for offering support that they couldn’t uphold and giving a false hand up to those who needed it most.

Most importantly, Romney needs to begin and end by 100% standing by his statements. This needs to be an explanation, not a justification. More than ever before the Romney campaign needs to own the narrative on this issue. We’ve given him a lot of money. This is a good time to use some if it.

That’s the GtG Take on the 47% Issue – OWN IT, Governor Romney.


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