Representative Tebow?

Tim Tebow has said in a recent statement that he hasn’t ruled out running for public office after he’s finished playing football. This has, of course, led to questions of whether or not the American public would consider electing a football player into government.A lot of the criticism for a Tebow run is centered around his lack of experience. I’d like to go out on a limb and say this attention on his supposed lack of experience is because 1.) he’s a football player, and society apparently views football players as incompetent of doing anything other than play football, and 2.) he’s never served in a public office before.

Let’s address those in turn, shall we?

So first, the whole football player argument is BS. Simply playing a sport has no impact on ANYTHING. Let’s take a look back at the whole Elena Kagan Softball fiasco. Kagan played softball –> she’s a lesbian –> she can’t serve on the Supreme Court? It’s bogus. There’s no merit or relevance to any of it. I mean, there are plenty of OTHER reasons we’re not happy with Justice Kagan, such as her recorded rulings, her lack of experience for such a high office, and her political leanings, but those are valid concerns to have for a Supreme Court Justice.

But maybe you’re unhappy with the idea of a Tebow ticket for the same reasons. He has no experience in politics, therefore he shouldn’t run. But wait, does that mean that only people who have served in an office before can run for office? Isn’t the national sentiment that we’re tired of these establishment Republicans and Democrats that have steered our country wrong?

I personally believe that fresh blood in the form of Tim Tebow would be a great thing. Not at a high level, obviously – it’s not like I’m proposing he goes to the US House of Representatives – but running for local office in his hometown. I know plenty of first-timers to politics who are running for office to make a difference in their communities. Small business owners, managers, housewives; why not a football player?

I think getting Tim Tebow into the political arena is a great idea. Elect him to a State Congress and see how he does. What’s the harm in that?


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