Obama’s Dangerous Game of Hooky

Barack Obama is becoming notorious for playing hooky. He skipped Memorial Day. He’s skipped every cabinet meeting since February. Hell, he even skipped his half-brother’s tepid shack-warming party. But while those absences, likely a result of Barry’s raging urge for secretive donuts and a smoke break out back of the White House, are merely insulting and unprofessional, Obama’s latest truancy spree has escalated his irresponsible ass-hat status from “ne’er-do-well punk” to “dangerously negligent.”

In case you forgot, Barry Obama isn’t in high school anymore but is, in fact, the President of the United States.

In the week leading up to the embassy attacks on 9/11’s anniversary, our super-coolio Prez skipped out on every single national security briefing. Because, you know, why should the President need to know about issues of national security? If something bad happens he’ll find out when MSNBC reports it, right?

But actually, he DID miss something that some people might consider kind of important. It turns out that the Libyan consulate had warned the US of an impending attack three days prior to 9/11. Now I think we can all agree that, had the President actually done his job during those three days, or even used simple reasoning skills to deduce that the anniversary of the largest terrorist attack in US history might warrant some extra attention, a simple phone call; a message down the wire; perhaps a text message (“Hey guys, you might want to lock the door”) could have easily subverted the foreign policy disaster and the horrific loss of American lives, including the first US ambassador murdered in the line of duty for over thirty years, Christopher Stevens. But, alas, President Obama, too busy campaigning for another term as president, just couldn’t find the time to actually do his job, and his fellow citizens have died as a result.

In the real world, we call that “failure of leadership.” In the real world, we fire people for that.

If you’ll allow me to sum up the 2012 election, the one Barack Obama is willing to sacrifice the lives of American citizens to win, I believe it all comes down to one simple prediction. At least Mitt Romney will show up for work.

Let’s offer our prayers to the families, friends, and colleagues of those lost and hope that more lives will not be lost in the future due to negligence that can be so easily avoided.


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