Wisconsin’s Sikh Temple Shooting: Despicable Liberal Political Ammunition?

A shooting today at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin left 7 dead and even more wounded, and already liberals are jumping out of the woodwork babbling about gun control. Of course, there’s absolutely NO shame whatsoever, and no period of reverence for the fallen. The bodies aren’t even cold and the left is dancing them around by the armpits as proponents for a gun ban. It’s disgusting.

Liberals, I know it’s your modus operandi to have dead people fight your battles and vote in your elections, but seriously, you people are despicable.

Now I’m very familiar with people of the Sikh faith. Just last month, the annual Sikh parade passed by our house from the local temple. Living on a major street a ways away from downtown, it’s the only parade that ever passes by, and is always a fun sight to see. Salem has a very large Sikh population, and I’ve had the privilege of interacting with a few during my daily adventures. Every one was very kind, polite, and friendly. I heard about the shooting on the way back from my own, Christian church early this afternoon, and I couldn’t help my thoughts from drifting to my own church and place of worship. I can’t imagine a sanctuary being defiled like that. The fact that our local Sikhs are such lovely people makes it even more shocking that someone would want to do them harm.

There’s a tendency to presume that all people wearing turbans or headwraps adhere to the same faith, but in reality Sikhism is vastly different from the well-known religion of Islam. After September 11th, there was a large increase in the number of bias attacks against Sikhs, presumable because the assailants believed them to be Muslim. I’m almost positive that liberals know this, and my gut feeling tells me that the left won’t stop at gun control when it comes to using this tragedy as ammunition.

Of course, the shooter in this attack was killed by police, which is a small justice done. However, I think that his deathly silence is going to allow the left to paint him in whatever way is most beneficial to their causes. I suspect that this man will be painted as a right-wing, Tea Party wacko, who was such an “Islamophobe” that he indiscriminately went out and killed a group of people that looked fleetingly like Muslims. It will be used as a joint argument for gun control, against conservatives and the Tea Party, and for more tolerance of Islam.

If we, as conservatives, want to prevent the left from controlling the narrative, we need to act quickly to clarify that this shooter, like any other person depraved enough to kill in cold blood, is a lunatic. He’s not a Tea Partier. He’s not a conservative. Rush Limbaugh didn’t indoctrinate him into killing Sikhs. He’s a madman. If we sit back and let the left present the story, we’re letting them duct tape a big sign to our collective forehead that says “Racist Islamophobic Bigot.”

Control the narrative. Stand for something. The moment the left starts to pull that crap, set the record straight and don’t shut up about it. That’s all for now, and God bless the families and friends of those who were killed and injured in this senseless act.


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